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Transform Your Fitness Videos with Professional LUTs

Why Choose Our Fitness LUTs?

Bring your fitness videos to life with our professionally designed LUTs, tailored specifically for fitness instructors. Our LUTs ensure that your content looks vibrant, dynamic, and engaging, helping you connect more effectively with your audience. Whether you’re filming high-energy workouts or serene yoga sessions, our LUTs will give your videos the professional edge they need to stand out.


Our LUT Collection

Aqua Fit

Dive into a fresh, invigorating look with Aqua Fit. This LUT brings a blueish color grade that enhances your fitness videos with a cool, refreshing aesthetic. Perfect for high-energy workouts or serene yoga sessions, Aqua Fit makes your videos feel vibrant and dynamic. Enhance your brand with the crisp, clean vibes of Aqua Fit and leave a lasting impression on your audience.


Cinematic Pro Fit

Transform your fitness videos into cinematic masterpieces with Cinematic Pro Fit. This LUT is inspired by the dramatic, high-contrast look of blockbuster movies, adding depth and richness to your footage. Cinematic Pro Fit elevates your content, making each frame look like a scene from a high-end film. Capture the attention of your viewers with visually stunning content that sets you apart from the competition.

Revive Fit

Revitalise your underexposed footage with Revive Fit. This LUT is designed specifically for videos that were filmed in low light or came out darker than expected. Glow Fit effectively brings up the exposure, illuminating your footage while maintaining a natural look. It includes skin tone adjustments to give you a naturally tanned appearance, perfect for highlighting muscle definition and adding a healthy glow. Stand out with the bright, captivating style of Glow Fit and make every workout session shine.

Vibrant Fit

Description: Infuse your fitness videos with the vibrant, energetic feel of Vibrant Fit. This LUT adds a red-ish color grade that creates a warm, inviting atmosphere, perfect for high-intensity workouts or passionate yoga sessions. Vibrant Fit enhances your skin tones and adds a dynamic edge to your content, making you look vibrant and full of life. Energize your brand with the fiery, eye-catching aesthetic of Vibrant Fit.

Ready to Transform Your Fitness Videos?

Enhance your video production process with our professional LUTs. Watch the transformation happen and take your fitness content to the next level.

Get Started Now!

Download our LUT package and follow the simple steps in the howto file to add them to your editing software (works with all industry standard software).


Ready to see the difference?

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