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Our vision is to create visually pleasing and engaging online film content, that has the least harmful effect on the planet in it’s production. We help established businesses that are ready to step up their game by communicating their path towards having a positive impact on the environment and the communities they’re a part of.


After about a decade as a freelancer in film and TV in the entertainment-, commercial-, & drama industry working with production crews of various sizes, businesses and artists across Europe and Australia Johannes, who established Satori Film, is thrilled to make his knowhow about storytelling and cinematography accessible to conscious entrepreneurs with a purpose driven agenda. Ever since Satori Film was established he created a team of skilled film & marketing professionals to deliver efficient and impactful results.


Working with Satori Film means guilt free film production that serves your purpose, at no additional cost.


Reduce the cost of your investment by enjoying a service that goes beyond just content production and also integrates the creation of a distribution strategy that will help you to gain traction within a highly targeted audience.


We believe in creating meaningful connections to your customers by revealing what makes your business tick. Show them an inside look behind the scenes, presented in an emotionally intelligent way to engage your audiences and encourage deeper loyalty.


People follow brands and share their content because they are authentic and trustworthy, you can help engender authenticity and trust by using film.


“Nearly 9 in 10 (88%) of Americans feel companies have a responsibility to demonstrate that they are operating in a way that is aligned with their Purpose in society. It’s more critical than ever for brands to examine how their business operations are laddering up to that Purpose statement or reason for being. Today’s sophisticated consumer will not take do-good marketing messages at face value as they are looking under the hood to ensure companies are “living their Purpose” externally as well as internally.”

  • 2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study


Reveal your true purpose. Stop selling & and start impacting.


Create awareness about how you impacting your audience effectively. Be brave enough to put your whole business on the line and the results will astonish you.


Lead your market because you are using cutting edge video marketing that encourages people to feel and see a bigger picture.


We ”humanise” your brand, create interest and emotional connection to your audience, making them feel involved and able to understand the true values of your business.


Open the doors and immerse your customers in your story so they know who you are and what you stand for.


The best marketing is word of mouth. Isn’t a film the closest thing to having a conversation with a real person? Film is the most multidimensional and accessible way of storytelling that exists, shown to the right people it has a strong potential to help your brand grow and build an emotional connection to your customers.


In distinction to traditional marketing methods that aim for maximum exposure, ‘pull marketing’ draws a highly targeted and interested audience in, while delivering cost effective and transparent results.


Our production and distribution costs are transparent, no hidden costs. You will receive regular performance reports that will provide the insights you need to measure the return on your investment.


We are very selective about who we work with. Our goal is to work with 10 businesses consistently by the end of 2022 that have a positive impact in making this world a better place and we are convinced the filmic approach to storytelling combined with the power of social media is the way forward for these brands.


Where possible we use solar power and waste free production methods. Since the nature of film production involves a lot of travelling, we engage in sustainable community actions (planting trees, beach clean-ups, etc.) in order to help reduce our carbon footprint.


Our 3-year-goal is to start investing 20% of our profits into projects we are passionate about that have a positive impact on the environment or our society.


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